Polyethylene Pipes

Polyethylene Pipes

Ürün Özeti

Production Diameters: from 32 to 280 mm 
Pressure Strength: between 2.5-32 Atm 
Installation Shapes: Buttweld and With the Fusion Cuff, With the pipe coupling and Flange Adapters 
Lenght: 110 mm. Diameter up to 100 m. Coiled and larger diameters 6-13 m. 
Color: Blue-black 
Raw Material Used: Polyethylene (according to product type) 

For technical properties: PE100 | PE80 |PE63 | PE40 | PE32

Genel Özellikler

It is resistant to internal pressure, external pressure and environmental conditions 
It is long-lived, stainless, imperishable, corrosion resistant. 
it is healthy and does not allow the formation of unhealthy environments such as bacteria and germs in the water it carries. 
It does not affect the taste and chemical properties of water 
It is resistant to the acids, bases, chlorine that may contain in water and chemical substances contained in wastes. 
It is flexible, bendable. 
It is Practical and easily installed even in rocky and rugged terrain. 
It is economical, requires fewer inserts. 
It is safe and can be used safely under the sea, in rugged areas where the ground movements are intense. 
There is no need for sealing adhesive and the like for its installation. 
All of our Polyethylene Pipes are certified by TSE (TS EN 12201-2+A1) and our company has TS EN ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System document.